Some of the things I’ve learned from my mother:

  • To love God-  My mother  is close to God.  She grew up in a Russian Orthodox church but didn’t really come to know Christ until she was in college.  She prays.  If you’ve ever lived with me, dated me, been taken out to dinner by my parents, been my good friend or even married one of my good friends, my mother has prayed for you.   I first became a Christian at the age of five.  I was sitting on the front steps of the house I grew up in with my mom and asked her what it took to be a Christian.  With her instruction, I dedicated my life to God.  She has always been there to listen to me, even when I was just trying to piss her off.  She taught me that she is always there to pray for me, but that I need to go to God independently and develop my own relationship with him.
  • To love people- My mother is a people person.  She is highly relational.  She is also an incredible minister.  Every job or venture she’s been a part of,  she’s looked for ways to share Christ with people.  She goes and visits her customers when their husbands are in the hospital.  She lets people stay over at our house late into the night when they are lonely.  My parents have opened our home for a year at a time to several foreign exchange students.  My mom will come back from a vacation somewhere beautiful and the stories she tells aren’t about the views or the beach, but rather about the people she met on the plane or staying at their bed and breakfast- who they are, what they do, their views on God, you name it.
  • To love books-  My mother is a librarian by trade.  She is quick to remind my father that she graduated with a higher GPA than he did.  He is quick to remind her that the nuclear engineering program tended to have a lower graduating averages than did library sciences.  She quit her job as a librarian to take care of my sister and then me.  We read a lot when I was a kid.  I would get lost in novels all summer.  I’ve read every single Hardy Boy’s, Encyclopedia Brown and Sherlock Holmes thing there is.  I still love kids books and am developing a nice little collection.  My favorites are Andrew Henry’s Meadow, The Little Engine that Could, Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel,  The Little Old Man and Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree.  Then it was all the Caldecott winners- The Westing Game, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, etc.  If you’ve ever visited my room or had the misfortune to help me move, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m the son of a librarian.
  • To love fun- My personality tends to take after my mom.  She is fun-loving.  She loves to laugh.  The last time I was home, I made her laugh so hard she spit food on my face.  Rose is crazy in a good way.  All of my friends love Rose 🙂
  • To be good- My mom used to pray that I would get caught anytime I did something bad.  This seemed to be her prayer with the highest rate of return.  By the time I got to college, I was so scared to pull a prank or anything because I just knew I’d get caught.  So, I mostly assisted in organizing and brainstorming the pranks and letting others carry out the operations.  One year, at finals week, my friends were organizing the annual “Streaking of the Library During Peak Finals Week Studying”.  I was the lookout, perched on top of Jenks 237 (There are two ways to get up there- one involves climbing, the other involves sneaking and stealth.)  I got caught. How does the lookout get caught?  The one time I actually set off a small fireworks display on campus, I got caught.  I lied my way out of it and feel bad about that to this day.  Sorry, Mindy.
  • To be passionate- My mom has a certain joie de vivre.  She is passionate and emotional.  This has several differnt embodiments.  It can be her chasing my sister around the house- trying to pour a glass of milk on her head for mouthing off.  It can also be her intense empathy.  My mother has only seen one movie in its entirety, White Christmas.  This is because she gets so emotionally involved with the characters, she can’t take the suspense and so she goes and does some stuff in the kitchen during the intense parts.  Also, it can be her entrepreneurial career which has led her down several different paths.  In each career choice, she’s followed something because it was something she was passionate about.

On a lighter note,

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  1. THat is really really nice. I hope your mom reads this.
    I love the people part….sweet.

  2. I’m going to start carrying a microphone in my back pocket.

  3. those army shorts are the prequel to the nevernude shorts.

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