God Only Knows

When I meet new people, I like to ask them to make lists of things.  What’s your five favorite movies? Three funniest things that ever happened to you? Top ten bands?  The funny thing is that everytime someone turns the question back to me, I hate answering it.  It’s like that part in High Fidelity (I think it’s only in the book) where he realizes that the top five list he gave the reporter just wasn’t right.  Here’s my current*  five favorite albums.   They link to my favorite track from each album.

Dark Was the Night– Compilation

Vampire Weekend– Vampire Weekend

Have a Ball– Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s

Josh Ritter–  The Animal Years

For Emma, Forever Ago– Bon Iver

Notable Mention: Pet Sounds (Summer is coming, after all)

*Note: I reserve the right to change these at a moment’s notice.   They will most likely be different tomorrow.

Here’s a bonus list (short but sweet) of some of my favorite youtube (some official, some unofficial) music videos.


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  1. we agree on too much. i’m calling a moratorium on your good taste…starting…now. tomorrow’s list better include, oh, i don’t know…something country. and not the good kind either, nothing before 1980.

  2. I will break out Brad Paisley references soon, don’t worry.

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