Everybody Dance!

Maybe you’ve already watched the video above.  A couple of my favorite bloggers (Seth Godin and Eugene Cho) have already written entries about this video.  Godin insists that the third guy who joins the dance makes it a movement.  Cho is fascinated by guy #2, the primary supporter.

I just started reading the Tipping Point.  I’m struck that this video is like a visual representation of Gladwell’s examinations of epidemics.  Most notably, I’m reminded of an organization theory termed “Diffusion of Innovation”.  This term was coined by Everett Rogers’ 1962 book of the same name.

Diffusion theory looks at the how’s, why’s, how fast’s and in what way’s new ideas or technologies are adopted by a group.  Diffusion theory can by used for marketing, leading change, creating movements, etc.  It labels the different participators as: the innovators, the early adapters, the early majority, the late majority and the laggards (Yes, I had to pull out my Org. Theory notes).  What I love this video is that you can actually watch as each different type of participator joins the movement (dance).  Also, I love dancing at concerts.

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  1. i too love dancing at concerts! this was a great visualization of that org theory. plus that first guy was just groovin’, the rest are posers.

  2. So how does this theory work for God? If we all show our passion for him, tell of the great miracles we hav seen him do in our lives, and let ourselves be who He created us to be and be excited about that, will others want that something special that is missing in their lives?

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