Health- Installment 1

Obama’s talking about health care tonight.  In preparation, you should read Gladwell’s take on our health care system. It’s really interesting.

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Question of the week: 3

I’m pretty interested in what people think about healing.  Mike and I have been talking about it quite a bit.  Also, my mom says that when she became a Christian during the ’70’s there was a huge movement of healing going on in America.  It doesn’t seem so common these days.  Are we missing something?

Question of the week:

Do you believe there is a place in the current American church for miraculous healings?  Why or why not?


Have you ever witnessed a miraculous healing?  Tell me about it.

Do you believe that God would choose to heal someone miraculously through you? your pastor? a missionary?

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Question of the Week: 2

My friend asked me the other day, “Who do you think is the new King of Pop?”  We debated about JT’s staying power, I thought about Bono but didn’t mention it.  My conclusion: there is none.

Music has changed. Pop isn’t as popular, it seems.  We are less reliant on record labels and MTV for our music these days.  Even some of my favorite sub-genres have their own sub-genres now.  Will there ever be another recording audience with such mass appeal?  Look at “Thriller”- all 9 songs on that album made the Billboard top 10 and the album went platinum- 28x platinum.

Question of the Week: Will there ever be another King of Pop?

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