My favorite Christmas movie has always been “White Christmas”.  I love the story, the acting, the outfits, the music, everything about Danny Kaye’s performance, the general’s pipe and jeep, the look on Rosemary Clooney’s face when Bing appears on the Ed Harrison show and the scene at the end where General Waverly inspects the 151st division.   My family watches it almost every year.  None of us like the song, “Choreography”. We all love the “Snow” scene in the train…

I’ve learned one thing about snow since moving to Beverly, MA.  In a small city, snow transforms the place into something like an old western village.  The rules sort of slide away… you just walk down the middle of the street, drive wherever you can- do what you gotta do- and no one seems to mind.  I love walking down the street with friends.  I love seeing all the neighbors outside shoveling at the same time and I love that everyone else who’s outside says hi. You know, like in a village.

This past Sunday we got about a foot.  I went out after church to shovel off the sidewalk.  It was great.  The neighbors were out. The snow was beautiful.  I got out to the porch and found a box.

In it was a hat.

I got the hat from James at 10 engines.  (Turns out he loves White Christmas as much as I do)  I happened to be the 10th guy to buy a hat from him so he sent it to me for free! I donned my new, free  hat and finished up the sidewalk (making sure the hydrant was accessible).  Doing a good job shoveling is extremely satisfying.  Especially when there’s lots of snow.  You know, enough so the sidewalk looks like a little tunnel.  I thrust the shovel into the snowbank, adjusted my cap and meandered down the middle of the street to say hi to the neighbors.

All because of snow, snow, snow, snow, Snow!


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