Lakeside Farms

One mile from my parent’s house is Lakeside Farms.  Lakeside Farms is my favorite farmstand/ market/ sandwich shop/ bakery.

The owner, Jeff, has been working at the farm for 35 years, since he got out of high school.  His father started Lakeside Farms 63 years ago and it’s still running strong. When I was a kid, I would save up my change to buy penny candy here.

The produce is great.

The sausage, bacon and cheese are local and amazing.

You can also get breakfast and lunch there (tip: try the Lakesider sandwich.

But the piece de resistance is the apple cider donut.  They are epic. (even if the picture is less so).  If you have not had an apple cider donut from here, you haven’t lived.

Lakeside is at its peak in the fall, when the cider is being pressed, the apple barn is full of apples and the donuts are being made fresh.

While autumn is the best time to visit, I get excited when they open.  Locals mark the coming and going of the seasons with Lakeside’s opening and closing. If you’re ever near Albany, or headed up toward the Adirondacks, do yourself a favor and hop off of 87 for a couple of minutes and go visit Lakeside Farms.

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