The Move: or, Todd’s Farm Flea Market

On Saturday, April 10th, I moved from Beverly to Cambridge.

Here’s the crew helping me move.

Goodbye to 41 Central, aka- the Beverly Beach House, aka- the guys’ house.

Hello to 6 Porter Rd., aka- The PorterHouse.

On Sunday, April 11th, my first morning in my new place, I got up early and headed up to Todd’s Farm Flea Market and some other antique stores in Ipswich.  This was the first week of the Flea for the summer. This is what to wear to a flea market when it’s really muddy.

The Canoe below is the very first thing I saw.

Good stuff.

“Hush Puppies”

I came home with this shoe rack. I turned it into a bookshelf.  These racks were used in shoe factories across New England. They have four spinning wheels so they can swivel.  They were used to transport shoes from one part of the shoe production process to another- like an early conveyor belt.  My grandfather worked at EJ’s Shoe Factory in Binghamton, NY. I bet he was familiar with these.

I also came home with this insert from an old tool box (which I’m using as a valet) and the L.L. Bean Field watch in the bottom left corner.

Look at my new, tiny, city-apartment-sized desk

And my “look at all that vertical storage space!” dresser.

It’s a chimney cupboard. I think it’s meant for putting pies and flour in, or something like that, but clothes fit in there pretty good.

If you haven’t moved to Cambridge, you should.  If you haven’t visited Todd’s Farm, you should.


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