Moving Day.

Welcome to Cambridge, students.  Here are ten simple things you should remember during your first year at school.

1.  Your parents are very proud of you.  Don’t forget to call them at least once a week.

2. Make new friends and enjoy the weather while you can.

3.  Combat the freshman fifteen.  Play sports.

4.  Take pride in your class.  You will always be a cohort.

5.  If she gets cold, offer her your coat.

6.   Do not schedule 8:00 am classes. You will regret them.

7.  Your professors are smart.  Treat them with respect and get to know them.

8.  Study.

9. Fall is coming quickly.  Get a scarf.

10.  If you’re not sure where to meet someone, meet them here.

Welcome to town.

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Played bocce this afternoon with some friends in a belated birthday picnic out on the Esplanade.  I was, regrettably, not as focused as these fine folks.

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I say yes to ties and dresses, yes to kromer hats, yes to kids on the hoods of cars and yes to families holding hands.

Check out this great video from the late 1930’s.

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The Searchers

A man will search his heart and soul

Go searchin’ way out there

His peace of mind he knows he’ll find

But where, oh Lord, Lord where?

Ride away, ride away, ride away

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