The Tannery does heritage.

The Tannery is opening (sort of already opened) a heritage/ outdoorsy/ Americana retail space in the basement of their Boylston St. shop.  I wandered in yesterday and got to chat with Tariq, the owner and Andrew, the manager for this sub- Tannerynean (punch me) space.

They are stocking lots of Made- in- America gear and other heritagey, outdoorsy stuff.


Fjallraven Bags and Jackets by Fjallraven and Canada Goose

Belstaff and Duluth Packs


Suede Patches are doing it. That blue shirt was my favorite thing down there.

It is not Christmas yet. I overheard the owner talking about getting rid of the display below because it looked too fake. That was a good intuition.

They are planning on adding a small cafe with coffee from a local boutique roaster in the back corner and were talking about letting some Berkeley students jazz the place up.  Why would you drink coffee somewhere where they don’t have loads of Pendleton plaid? Might be a cool place to get some work done.

It will be interesting to see where The Tannery goes with this space.  Andrew was talking about getting Filson boots in and mentioned bringing in some other Swedish Fjallravenish brand I don’t remember. It is certainly still a work in progress. If nothing else, it was good to get to try on a Fjallraven Jacket without taking the Fung Wah.

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